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About Us

The take out window is open at 7 am serving coffee, juice and homemade muffins (blueberry, cinnamon chip or corn). By 7:30 am the dining room opens, serving a full breakfast. Eggs & bacon, french toast, pancakes, fresh cut fruit and everyone’s favorite breakfast sandwich. Many customers enjoy going to the beach early, getting their parking space for the day in the adjacent lot, buying their breakfast at Forbes and heading to the beach for the day. 11 am is when breakfast stops being served and our lunch/dinner menu is available.


Since 1921, Forbes Seafood Restaurant has been serving beach goers, tourists and townies from their Wells Beach location. This seasonal (family run) restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner at the height of the season 7 days a week.

For over 85 years the Forbes family has been serving tasty fried seafood, home made onion rings, pizza, beer and wine, ice cream, popcorn and fresh ground hamburg. One meal that is asked for is the famous “scrambled hamburg”. Though all our customers have tried to replicate this at home, they always come back to tell us, “It’s just not the same!!!” Whether you start your day at the beach with a muffin and coffee or end the day with an ice cream, there is something for everyone.